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How to score that awesome Bar Job
So, you’ve completed your bar course and earned your RSA Certificate. Well done. Here at Complete
Do RSA certificates expire?
RSA certificates issued in Victoria do not expire as such, however, licensees and staff subject to m
Who Needs A Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Course?
Anyone who intends to work in licensed premises will need to complete an accredited Responsible Serv
How do I get my Bar & Gaming License?
We hear this question quite often… There’s actually no such thing as a bar and gaming license. W
happy female in a coffee shop
How to Stand Out in Your Next Barista Interview
Baristas need to be customer-centric, work quickly, and easily adapt to changing demands. But there
What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Barista?
Thanks to our love of coffee culture, the role of baristas has become more visible and important. Bu
the right training provider - brewing
How to Choose the Right Training Provider
Knowing how to choose the right training provider can save you time and money, while also guaranteei
Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee
Not yet as popular in Australia as in the US, the appeal of cold brew coffee is growing amongst loca
coffee beans
How Can You Tell Good Coffee?
Coffee aficionados understand that a multitude of factors influence whether a coffee is good or not.
become a barista - coffee school
How Do I Become a Barista?
Nobody is born with the skills required to be a barista. Instead, they have learned certain skills,
How Do I Get a Job in the Coffee Industry?
The coffee industry has become much more of a speciality industry than it once was, creating a numbe
brewing methods - espresso
How Long Does It Take to Train as a Barista
Being a barista requires a healthy dose of skill, supported by specialised knowledge. And reaching a
How Many Coffees Can a Barista Make in an Hour?
There are many variables that can influence a barista’s output. But while speed is important, it s
What Coffee Brewing Method Takes Longest?
There are guidelines on how long different brewing methods take. But before we look at which coffee
What Are the 5 Elements of Tasting Coffee?
Being able to assess the five elements of tasting coffee is an essential skill for baristas to devel
How Much Do Baristas Get Paid in Australia?
The simplest answer to what baristas get paid in Australia is that it’s complicated by a multitude
how to drink espresso - coffee school
How to Drink Espresso
When it comes to espresso, there are two popular ways to drink it. And one way of drinking espresso
What Is the Purpose of Coffee Cupping?
Not yet as popular in Australia as in the US, the appeal of cold brew coffee is growing amongst loca
What Are the Benefits of Taking a Barista Course?
It takes a skilled barista to take the coffee experience from good to great. And taking a barista co
what is it like to be a barista
What Is It Like To Be a Barista?
Before you enter the coffee trade, you’ll want to know as much as possible about it. So, what is i
How Do I Learn To Be a Barista?
Are you looking to become a barista? Get a head start by perfecting your soft skills, learning from
master latte art - coffee school
How Long Does It Take To Master Latte Art?
Curious about how long it takes to master latte art? We delve into factors affecting learning time a
How Can I Learn More About Coffee and Become a Barista?
Why not learn more about coffee and become a barista? You can begin a fulfilling, fast-paced career
Exploring Alternative Coffee Brewing Methods
If you’re all about the caffeinated life, start exploring alternative coffee brewing methods. Whet
the psychology of coffee - coffee school
The Psychology of Coffee: Understanding Customer Behaviour and Preferences
Understanding the preferences and behaviour of your customers should be the backbone of any business
coffee espresso - barista tools of the trade
Barista Tools of the Trade
For those keen to master coffee making, skill is essential, but so are the right tools. The differen
From Seed to Cup: Understanding the Coffee Supply Chain
Every coffee bean has a story, and the coffee supply chain is a complex web of activities, actors, a
how to develop palate - coffee
How to Develop Your Palate: Identifying Flavours and Aromas in Coffee
Becoming a great barista isn't just about mastering latte art or that espresso shot perfect. It's al
Understanding Milk: Types, Temperature, and Texture for Perfect Latte Art
For anyone eager to develop their knowledge and skills in the art of coffee, including aspiring bari
What Are the Two Main Methods of Roasting Coffee?
Understanding the two main methods of roasting coffee will ensure you're able to adjust the brewing
what to expect in your first coffee barista class
What to Expect in Your First Coffee Barista Class
With Australia’s love affair with coffee showing no signs of slowing down, one thing you can be su
from bean to cup: a comprehensive overview of coffee barista courses
From Bean to Cup: A Comprehensive Overview of Coffee Barista Courses
Most people know how to make instant coffee at home, and some have even mastered the art of using a
choosing the right coffee-to-water ratio
Choosing the Right Coffee-to-Water Ratio
To become a top-tier barista, mastering the entire coffee brewing process is essential. One crucial
common latte art mistakes and how to fix them
Common Latte Art Mistakes and How to Fix Them
If you’ve ever been handed a coffee with beautiful latte art, you’ve probably wondered how these
behind the counter: a day in the life of a barista
Behind the Counter: A Day in the Life of a Barista
Working as a barista is an incredibly rewarding career that can open doors all over the world. Most
the essential barista tools every coffee lover needs
The Essential Barista Tools Every Coffee Lover Needs
You don’t need to work as a professional barista to love coffee. Countless people enjoy honing the
understanding coffee varieties in barista classes
From Bean to Cup: Understanding Coffee Varieties in Barista Classes
There are so many coffee lovers out there in Australia, and many of them even make a career out of t
Turning Passion into Profession: How Barista Classes Can Help You Start a Career
For some Australians, coffee is far more than just a morning pick-me-up. Rather, it’s a passion, a
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