How Do I Learn To Be a Barista?

How Do I Learn To Be a Barista?

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Published: Fri 14 Apr 2023

How Do I Learn To Be a Barista?

If you’re a coffee-obsessed-people-person, you’d likely make a great barista. You need to learn the ropes, though. Familiarising yourself with the equipment, techniques, and food safety measures is critical. It’s not the norm to walk into a coffee shop and secure a job as a barista if you have the expertise and experience; however, you're one step ahead. So, you’re probably wondering how do you learn to be a barista? Well, you’re not alone in your coffee quest; there are a few ways you can learn to be a barista.


Get To Know Coffee

The more you know about coffee, the better. When you truly appreciate coffee, you are better poised to make recommendations and pour an excellent espresso. Such skills will endear you to customers, enable you to experiment, and make you a valuable employee.

Get to know coffee by familiarising yourself with the following:

  • Various coffee beans
  • The origins of coffee and their unique flavours and characteristics
  • How to recognise various coffee flavour profiles
  • Coffee bean roasting processes
  • Coffee blending techniques
  • Coffee tasting
  • The impact of brewing methods on the flavour
  • Coffee terminology.


Perfect Your Soft Skills

Customer service is often described as a soft skill, but this term does it no justice. Learning to assist, advise, and sometimes tolerate customers is critical if you’re facing them all day. You must get to know your regulars and what they like, create a welcoming environment, and recommend different coffees according to their palates.

Customers are important, but so is your team. You’ll be working in close quarters with cashiers, servers, and other baristas, so it’s essential to help each other out, learn from and teach each other, and form connections. A good teammate is more likely to be a good manager and boss.


Work Your Way Up

Not many people have a kitchen filled with professional coffee-making equipment, which is why you'll need someone to show you the ropes. If you apply for a job at a coffee shop or café with no experience, you must work your way up. You may start out sweeping the floors and clearing tables, but the longer you are there, the more likely you are to learn to become a barista. Find a mentor, be curious, and take every possible opportunity to gain experience. Soon enough, you’ll be able to work the equipment.


Take a Course & Earn a Certificate

While practice makes perfect, the best way to make a start in the coffee industry is with a qualification from an accredited institution. It’ll set you apart from other applicants for the same positions and save some time in your journey to the top. Look for a course that fits your schedule, is recognised in the industry, and teaches you everything you need to know about coffee-making.

The best barista courses will teach you:

  • How to tamp the coffee
  • How to clean and maintain the equipment
  • How to make different kinds of coffee-based beverages
  • Milk texturing
  • Latte art
  • Food safety practices.

The best baristas are passionate, great with people, and always keen to improve. With a strong knowledge of coffee and an appetite for service, you could have a rewarding career as a barista. Why not start learning today?

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