From Bean to Cup: A Comprehensive Overview of Coffee Barista Courses

From Bean to Cup: A Comprehensive Overview of Coffee Barista Courses

By Henry Henry Lie

Published: Tue 12 Mar 2024

From Bean to Cup: A Comprehensive Overview of Coffee Barista Courses

from bean to cup: a comprehensive overview of coffee barista courses

from bean to cup: a comprehensive overview of coffee barista courses

Most people know how to make instant coffee at home, and some have even mastered the art of using a home coffee machine. But very few people develop true barista skills. To be a great barista, you need to fully understand the coffee-making process, from the beans to the customer's mug; it's not as easy as you may think!

Here at Coffee School by CHT, we offer comprehensive barista courses designed to give you the specific skills you need. We have short courses designed to give you the barista basics, but we also offer a Barista Master class to help you become a true expert.

Here are some of the coffee barista courses we offer and what you can expect to learn in them.


Coffee Appreciation

Are you what your friends would call a coffee enthusiast? This might be just the course for you. In our Coffee Appreciation class, you'll learn everything there is to know about the process of making coffee, from the bean to the cup. This includes:

· Coffee bean roasting theory, including all about the chemical changes
· How to use and maintain roasting equipment
· Understanding how coffee bean origin affects flavour
· How to select the right types of green beans
· Techniques for blending coffee

It's not all theory, though. During this course, you can select green beans, roast them perfectly, and create your signature coffee blend. The Coffee Appreciation course is perfect for experienced baristas and coffee lovers alike.


Latte Art

When you visit a high-quality café or establishment, it's not uncommon to be sold a coffee with beautiful art created in the foam. Known as latte foam art, this is a skill that takes some effort to perfect. We offer a dedicated Latte Art course, which, while not an accredited skill, is one that separates you from other baristas in the job market. By being able to do that little bit extra, you stand out from the crowd everywhere you go.

This course is limited to 6 students so that everybody gets the time and attention they need. You'll learn to master and control your milk-pouring techniques, as well as the angles and pour speed required to make amazing latte art.

You'll learn some basic patterns, such as:

· The heart
· Rosetta
· Tulip
· Swan
· Scorpion tale

Plus, you'll be given a chance to try out some not-so-common designs.


Barista and Coffee Art

One of our most popular courses, the Barista and Coffee Art course gives you all the skills you need to work as a barista. Your main areas of learning are:

· How to work with all coffee machines
· How to make all popular coffee drinks
· How to get a silky texture when steaming milk
· Proper use of the coffee grinder
· Cleaning and upkeep of coffee machines
· Introduction to Coffee Art – Free Pouring, Layering, etc.

When you work as a barista, you're usually on display in front of customers, meaning you must work quickly and confidently. With the Barista and Coffee Art course from Coffee School, you'll be able to handle most requests in any café, bar or restaurant.


Barista Master Class

In addition to everything you would learn in our standard Barista and Coffee Art course, the Barista Master Class takes it to a new level. Some new skills you'll learn include:

· How to pull the ideal espresso by adjusting the grinder and espresso machines
· Specialised techniques for milk texturing
· Advanced milk texturing
· Expert coffee advice
· How to pour different coffees found on coffee menus

Essentially, you'll become a coffee expert, understanding everything from selecting and roasting beans to pouring the perfect coffee for even the fussiest customers.


Interested in Becoming a Barista?

If you love the idea of working in hospitality and learning skills you can use anywhere in the world, a barista course could be just the thing for you. Whether you want to know more about coffee, learn basic barista skills, or become a barista master, Coffee School has got you covered. Contact us today to find out more about our barista courses. We offer a range of accredited and non-accredited training programs to take your hospitality career to the next level.

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