Do RSA certificates expire?

Do RSA certificates expire?

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Published: Mon 14 Sep 2020

Do RSA certificates expire?

RSA certificates issued in Victoria do not expire as such, however, licensees and staff subject to mandatory RSA requirements will need to complete an online refresher course every three years. 3 years after your RSA certificate is issued, the RSA number on the certificate becomes obsolete, and so it is important to refresh your RSA before that 3 year period elapses.

RSA certificates that were issued within the 3 year period can be refreshed at LCV website using your RSA certificate number and last name to login.

Furthermore, besides LCV regulations, individual bars and establishments may have their own standards and procedures that determine how often you need to refresh your RSA certificate, many of which will dictate that their staff must have their RSA Melbourne renewed and refreshed more often than every 3 years, to ensure all staff are up to date with all of the laws and strategies associated with the responsible service of alcohol.

The cheapest RSA in Melbourne can be done in the heart of the Melbourne CBD at Complete Hospitality Training. Bookings for the course can be done through the website at Booking. RSA certificate complete through Complete Hospitality Training will give you not only the Victorian RSA issued by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission which is the only certification required to serve alcohol in Victoria, but also a Nationally Recognised RSA that is valid in some states outside of Victoria, so it’s ideal for travelling!

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