De-mystifying Latte Art

Latte Art

Course Details

Latte Art training at Coffee School by CHT will dive deeper into into this art form than all other course we offer. Control the pour of your milk. Vary the speed and angle in your technique to achieve the best results.

Classes will have a maximum of 6 students to intensify the degree of learning and to have as much one on one time with the trainer.

Latte Art takes practice. Practice with steamed-correctly-milk is needed before this process can happen in a successful way.

What You Will Learn

Learn to create patterns such as:

  • Heart
  • Rosetta
  • Tulip
  • Swan
  • Scorpion tail
  • and many more


CHT utilises competency-based assessment to demonstrate that you have achieved the skills and knowledge required by nationally recognised standards. As this is a non-accredited course, no assessment is applicable.

Course Duration

Two hours of intense latte art practice will,

prime you;

prepare you;

inspire you;

encourage you;

and teach you...

…that with hard work and dedication amazing patterns can emerge.

Great coffees can be made.

Confidence in your ability can grow.


On successful completion of the course you will be issued with a non-accredited Certificate of Participation.

Entrance Requirements / Pre-requisites

  • Must have completed a nationally accredited coffee course in Australia


  • Attended the Barista Master Class with CHT


  • Currently working or have industry experience making coffees

These pre-requisites are necessary as time in class needs to be spent efficiently and constructively, to actively learn and practice how to pour and create patterns.
There MUST be an already established level of competency in your ability to steam milk correctly.
Free pouring is not easy, but with the right kind of training, the wonderful world of Latte Art can appear before your very eyes.

How to Enrol

To enrol into this course, please follow these simple steps

  • Select a date from the course timetable on this page.
  • Complete your personal details and make a payment via credit or debit card.
  • Receive an email with confirmation of your booking.
  • Complete the full enrolment form prior to the commencement of your course.

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