Food Safety Supervisor NSW Course FAQ

Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) NSW Course FAQ

What is a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) NSW?

  • Every food vendor in NSW such as restaurants, cafes, etc. must have one individual responsible for food safety.
  • This person must hold the NSW FSS certificate from the NSW Food Authority.
  • This person is registered with the local council as the Food Safety Supervisor

In NSW this individual

  • Knows how to recognise, prevent and alleviate food handling hazards at your premises;
  • Has a Statement of Attainment that shows the required food safety competencies from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
  • Has the ability and authority to supervise other people handling food at the premises and ensure that food handling is done safely.

Do all employees who handle food have to complete the Food Hygiene course?

It is a mandatory requirement for all food handlers to have general food handling skills and knowledge specified in Food Standards Code.

The FSS training is an additional requirement for at least one person in certain hospitality and retail food service businesses. It does not replace the current mandatory general food handler skills and knowledge requirements for all food handlers.

Does a FSS have to be at the premises all the time?

No, although it is best practice that the FSS be on the premises at all times when food handling is being undertaken. If the FSS is away the business must still maintain food safety.

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