Coffee Art Course FAQ

Coffee Art Course FAQ

What will I learn in the Barista & Coffee Art Course?

  • Operate all coffee machines
  • Make each coffee on the menu
  • Foam the silky milk correctly
  • Use and set the coffee grinder
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine
  • Make unlimited coffees
  • Coffee Art – Free Pouring, Leaves, Hearts & Flowers. Etching Designs. Layering
  • Each student has their own machine

Why do the course with us?

  • We are better value than any other provider
  • Our focus is only on learning to make great coffee
  • Each student has their own machine
  • We run small classes
  • We are centrally located and easy to get to in Sydney Melbourne Brisbane
  • We allow you to Make unlimited coffees
  • Our trainers are experienced and friendly

What will I get with the Barista & Coffee Art Course?

  • Certificate of Attendance immediately following the Practical Session
  • Invaluable job referral

How long is the Barista & Coffee Art Course?

5 hours

Is 5 hours enough for me to learn how to make coffee?

Yes after 5 hours you will have made up to 100 cups of coffee. This is more than enough to never forget how to do it

When are the courses held?

Check upcoming schedule for details:

Upcoming Course List

Where are the courses held?

  • Sydney – Shop 3/107 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000
  • Melbourne – Level 3, 28 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Brisbane – Shop 18/115 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Is the Coffee Art Course & Book included Free?

Yes the Coffee Art Course & Book are Free when you attend the Barista & Coffee Art Course so you dont need to take any notes

How can I get a job after the course?

Employers do not want to train their staff.
Once you have completed the Accredited Barista Course you will be able to confidently demonstrate that you can operate all coffee machines and make each coffee on the menu. In the Job interview ask the employer if you can make them a coffee so they can see you demonstrate your skill and realise that they will not need to train you. If you have the recognised certificate and you can demonstrate correctly that you have the skills, they will hire you. After completing our Barista Course you will be very quick and confident at making every Coffee on the menu. You will have the Barista skills someone who has been doing it for years

Do you have accredited barista courses?

Coffee School is owned and operated by Complete Hospitality Training which is a Registered Training Organisation – RTO 3722

The Barista Master Class is our accredited barista training. Please check the course page for accredited outcomes.

Will I have my own machine?

Yes, each student will have their own machine so there is no waiting

How many Coffees will I make?

You can make as many coffees as you like, up to 100 cups. By the end of the lesson you are very confident at making perfect silky milk and each coffee on the menu

Who can attend?

Anyone looking for a job, opening a business or just wants to learn how to make great coffee at home

Will I get a job after the course?

Yes, Most students who apply for work after the course are successful in getting a job as they can all make coffee correctly

Do I need my RSA as well if I want to be a Barista?

Yes the RSA will help you to get a job in a café where alcohol is served. Most cafes now have liquor licenses so the RSA is required to work there

How do I book a coffee course?

Visit the course page and select a date from the listed courses.

How can I make payment?

Using a credit card online online

How many students in a class?

Average 10 – 15 students per class and each student has their own machine to make unlimited coffees so there is NO waiting

Can I make a Group Booking?

Yes Private Groups can be arranged for Team Building events and modified to your needs. Discounts apply

How far do I need to book in advance?

It is best to book at least 1 week in advance or as soon as possible as classes fill quickly

Is the classroom air conditioned?


Are all Coffee machines the same?

Yes all commercial coffee machines function the same way like all cars are driven the same way. Once you have learnt on our machines you will be able to operate every machine.

What type of machine will I learn on?

At Coffee School we only use the latest La San Marco Commercial coffee machines.
Once you can operate these machines you can use any commercial coffee machine

What if my English is not perfect, can I still learn?

Yes you can learn very well even if your English is not perfect. Making coffee is a practical hands on skill so you can learn by simply watching the teacher and practising

Do you offer RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol?

Yes we offer the RSA in VIC

Do I need my RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol to work as a Barista?

Yes, if the cafe is licensed to sell alcohol you will also require your RSA. If you do NOT have your RSA they are not allowed to hire you.

Are the trainers experienced and qualified?

Yes all of our trainers are qualified with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with many years Industry experience

Do I need a work visa?

No work visa is required to attend. Anyone can attend from any nationality

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes gift vouchers for all courses can be purchased online or over the phone using a credit card. The voucher is valid for 12 months. It can be emailed to you or the recipient. Vouchers are simple to use

What other Courses do you offer?*

Bar & Cocktails
Food Safety

What is a Barista?

The Barista is coffee maker. Put simply the Barista is the person who operates the coffee machine and coffee grinder, makes all the coffees on the menu and cleans the machine

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