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Barista & Coffee Art Course SITHFAB005 Prepare & Serve Espresso Coffee

5 hour Coffee Course in one day

  • Coffee Training Courses held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
  • Learn how to operate all coffee machines
  • Make each coffee on the menu
  • Foam the silky milk correctly
  • Use and set the coffee grinder
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine
  • Make unlimited coffees
  • Each student has their own machine
  • Free Coffee Art Course included with Coffee Art Book
  • 2 units of competency – Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee SITHFAB005 & Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety SITXFSA001

Bring friends & save

$10 off each when you book 2 students
$20 off each when you book 3 students
$30 off each when you book 4 students

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