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Coffee Course in Chinese

中文咖啡师&咖啡拉花课程 – 5小时课程一天完成
• 普通话授课,教你如何做出高品质咖啡
• 带你了解这一精彩职业,助你找到理想的工作
• 教你如何操作咖啡机
• 教你如何正确地将牛奶打成具有绵密口感的泡沫
• 教你制作菜单上常出现的各种咖啡
• 教你如何清理咖啡机并保持工作环境的整洁
• 教你如何调试和使用咖啡豆研磨机
• 人手一台商用咖啡机,模拟真实工作场景
• 让你无限量地尝试制作各种咖啡
• 学习咖啡艺术拉花
• 附赠咖啡艺术拉花教程一本
• 位于市中心唐人街
• 于1994年成立,拥有超过23年的咖啡师培训经验
• 国语课程尤其适合初来澳洲寻找咖啡师工作的中国留学生和新移民
• 中文咖啡师课程仅授予参加过此课程的证明书,而并非全澳认可的证书。只有参加英文咖啡师课程所得到的证书才是全澳认可的。
• 149澳元/人

This Barista Course is delivered in Mandarin and is suitable for anyone who wants to get a job, open a business or simply make great coffee at home. This is not an accredited course

Learn to

  • Operate all the coffee machines
  • Make each coffee on the menu
  • Use & set the coffee grinder
  • Foam the silky milk correctly
  • Extract the perfect Crema
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine

Course includes

  • Make unlimited coffees
  • One coffee machine per student – no sharing
  • 100% hands on practical course
  • Barista Certificate of Attendance

Employers and business owners do not have time to train you on the job. You wil be asked when going for a job:
“Can you operate a coffee machine and make all the coffees on the menu?”

After completing this course you will be able to say “YES” and demonstrate your skill. After they see you make one cup of coffee you will be able to get the job.